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I’m a Polish journalist, specializing in politics, foreign relations and culture. I’m writing articles in Polish media outlets and in English. Check out my portfolio with articles, podcast and photos. Stay in contact!


Children from Chechnya to Lose school in Poland

A unique school for children from Chechnya in Eastern Poland will be closed. Local authorities want to open a senior club in the school building. Young Chechens can lose school, where they have the chance for a better start in a foreign country – ENGLISH (

The voice of Migrants

Foreigners, who live in Poland, have led their own radio station in Warsaw in the last four years. In native language broadcasting, they try to show a more colorful and tolerant Poland – ENGLISH (

They paid the highest price for information worth 16 cents

On the deserted ground floor, where journalists of „Oslobođenje” worked, all that was left was typewriters and windows broken from bullets from machine guns. Reporters had a choice – escape or go underground. They chose the latter – POLISH (

Auchwitz, my home

The view from the window of our apartment was directly to the crematorium and the gallows where Commandant Hoess was hanged – says Anna Odi, who grew up in a former concentration camp Auchwitz-Birkenau. She still lives and works here – POLISH („Dziennik Polski”).

Refugees in Greece in a no-win situation

After the fire in the Moria camp, on the island of Lesbos, the eyes of the world turned to migrants from Afghanistan and Syria again. What is the situation in the refugee camps in Greece? – ENGLISH (

How to Build a Team for a Cross-Border Project

How do you set up your cross-border team, especially in the coronavirus period? I prepared a few control questions, with which you can start building your own journalism project – ENGLISH (